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hell-O guyss , im Athirah Ramli from Ampang , KL :) Just ordinary person . Studying at Politeknik Sultan Idris Shah , Sabak Bernam , Selangor . taking Dip.Hotel & Catering Management :) . So , if u guys wanna know me well , do read my blogg yeah :D Dont forget to drop some comments x). I have my own PRIDE as you . Always be myself . I do much LOVE my family & my friends . Do always keep in touch yah . Much LOVE ! XOXO xD


Thursday, April 14

khuntoria !

N I C H K H U N (2pm) & V I C T O R I A (f(x))
2nd Couple for WE GOT MARRIED (:
Sweet GILA dorang neh . haha :D ske tgk video dorg :))
habis semua kawan2 tyaa suka dorg neh :D Hahahahaha .
Syokkk ohh tgk video dorg , ANGAU BANGAU tahu xP

by ; AthirahRamli(:

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